Unlock Building Systems data

Deep-insights to drive better management of buildings to optimize resource utilization and foster sustainability.

The Optio3 Smart Building Solution transforms any facility into a smart building by delivering on the promise of smart connectivity to property owners, property managers and tenants. Unlock and transform all the relevant data held captive across various systems that comprise a building and offer tangible insights that enable efficient building management.

AI Driven Building Operations Management

Optio3 uses Machine Learning algorithms and Modern Automation techniques to help building operators proactively identify and address operational issues thereby positively impacting tenant satisfaction, operational savings, energy management and building performance.


Strategic Visibility

Gain comprehensive, consolidated visibility into the key operational data and metrics across various systems in your building. Intuitive dashboards and charts give building operators an unprecedented real-time view into the overall operational health of the building. Historical data and trend analysis offer up actionable insights that enable proactive action.

Realtime Alerts & Notifications

Define sophisticated alerts that evaluate a complex set of real-time operational conditions and thresholds as defined by the customer. Receive timely alert notifications via email, text messages or dashboard

Powerful Analytics

Visually identify and track key performance metrics in real-time. Heat maps, Trend charts and various other visualizations offer a comprehensive and contextual view of data that helps users analyze information and rapidly arrive at actionable insights


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