Modernize Utilities Management

Unleash the power of  AI-Powered IoT  to enhance utilities management

Smart Utilities Management

It is time for businesses in the utilities sector to look beyond conventional ways of optimizing asset usage and costs. Optio3 Smart Utilities is a modular solution that can be configured to fit the needs of both unified and distributed energy resource organizations.

Unlock data from
new sources

Gain Operator

Predict asset

3rd Party

KPI Tracking

Analyze End-Use loads and generation

Analyze Microgrid and Nanogrid operations

Energy Efficiency Facility audits and compliance


Retain all
Historical Data

Energy Savings Start Here

Are you looking at optimizing your energy and cost spend while exploring ways to deliver seamless services?
Optio3 can help you do this and more.


Efficient Storage of Time-series Data

Visualize and Analyze historical data alongside real-time time series data to get operational insights. Integrate with existing enterprise management systems.

Predictive Analytics

Analyze real-time data to detect anomalies and prevent failures using Machine Learning.

Asset Health and Grid Security

Proactively manage asset health and security with actionable insights derived from past failure signatures and operational baselines.

Distributed Energy Management and Tracking

Build sustainable energy usage models for all facilities across your portfolio. Use custom dashboards to track energy consumption and receive actionable alert notifications.

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