Empowering Smart Transportation

Cloud-based IoT Operations Management Solution to
efficiently manage transportation fleets

A highly configurable solution to help fleet transportation companies build smarter and more effective networks across their business. The Optio3 Smart Transportation Solution empowers real-time data collection from vehicles in order to provide insights on every aspect of your fleet operations. Extract data regarding vehicle location, operational irregularities, key vehicle metrics and more.

beyond traditional telematics

Superior Visibility Into Fleet Performance

Don’t drive your business based on the metrics received by traditional telematics equipment. Go further with Optio3’s superior cloud-based IoT capabilities and render near real-time performance metrics of your entire fleet.

Leverage Data to understand and adjust fleet-wide patterns

Optio3’s AI-driven capabilities enable fleet operators to obtain insights into per vehicle and fleet-wide operational patterns. Use the insights to deliver optimal fleet performance.

Set thresholds and stay notified

With Optio3, you can digitize and dictate how your fleet should run and set baselines for various performance metrics. Customizable dashboards allow you to receive alerts and notifications based on preset standards. Monitor and analyze fleet data on-the-go.


Fleet Resource Management

Utilize real-time data and insights to manage fleet-wide resources.ijdfsbkjfdkbdbdfk bkdf bkdb

Route Optimization

Use historical data trends, real time data and AI algorithms to optimize routes.

Consolidated Insights

Visualize insights across systems on a single pane of glass with a single login.


Deep dive for troubleshooting with comprehensive trend data.


Easily integrate your operational assets with your existing IT, ERP Systems.

Universal Connector

A single gateway device connects all existing and future sensors on a vehicle.

Get Started Instantly

Realize tangible value in weeks with minimal setup and configuration

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